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A better me by Kim Neill

20 Aug 2018

Sport is part of our lives.  We love it or we hate it.  There are those that are average, and say they are not good at it, but enjoy it anyway.  Then there are those that eat sleep and drink it.

 After reading an article on young Ellie Soutter (18) (snowboarder) today,  I really felt very sad for the loss of such a talented young person at such a young age.  How deep a hole was she in, that made her take such drastic action and take her own life. 

I, myself have played competitive netball and tennis for a very long time,  found it very strange when I moved from South Africa to the UK, how children reacted to winning and losing in sport.

I am so very lucky that  I had people in my life (parents and schools teachers) that taught me the very essence of how we as a person need to deal with stress, of winning and losing in sport, and how to deal with stress in our daily lives.   It's not always easy, and there are times that the best of us, fail at the hurdle, but we are the lucky ones, we get up, dust ourselves off and carry on.

 I have seen a child bang their head on a cricket pitch before, because they let a 4 go through their hands, in a very close scoring match.

 I've also seen a child throw their trainers in the dustbin because they lost to their team mate in a running race . 

Why do we as a nation turn a blind eye to these situations and not do something about the mental state of our young. 

We can only build a better nation of strong and determined characters if we teach our children from a very young age how to cope with the demands of being an athlete and how to cope with the stress that goes with it.