East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association

East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association - Constitution


1.TITLE: The name of the organisation shall be the East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association.

2.AIMS and OBJECTIVES: The aims and objectives of the association shall be:

  • a. To improve the standard of umpiring and scoring by education, examination and all other available means.
  • b. To maintain the status of umpires and scorers and to promote and protect their interests.
  • c. To co-operate and cultivate good relations with all bodies associated with cricket for the improvement of the game, playing conditions and application of its laws.
  • d. To take such action or make such representations as an association or in conjunction with others, as may be considered desirable in the interests of cricket or for the benefit of umpires and scorers as individuals and umpiring and scoring in general.

3.MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall consist of:

  • a. An Honorary President, who shall be nominated by the committee from those who, in the opinion of the committee, have rendered exceptional service to the association. The Honorary President shall be elected at an annual general meeting and shall have all the rights of an ordinary member.
  • b. Ordinary members, practicing umpires and scorers, those desirous of participating or interested in umpiring and scoring.
  • c. Application as an ordinary member shall be made to the Secretary and a copy of these rules shall be provided on admission.

4.SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions shall be payable by the first day of April annually, the rate to be fixed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Should subscription not be paid by this date then membership will be deemed to have lapsed.

5.FINANCIAL YEAR: The financial year shall end on the last day of December.

6.CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP: A resignation shall be intimated to the Secretary not later than the last day of March, otherwise the subscription for that year shall be due. The committee shall have the right to expel from membership or otherwise deal with a member who has contravened the rules or brought discredit on the association or its objectives, but the member shall have the opportunity to state his case to the committee before a decision is taken.

7.MANAGEMENT: The affairs of the association shall be managed by a committee consisting of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one other member. All members of the committee shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. A member of the committee shall vacate their office if he/she resigns or loses their membership for any reason.

FUNCTIONS OF THE COMMITTEE: Committee shall meet at least twice in each financial year. Three members shall form a quorum at all committee meetings. The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy and delegate authority. The committee may co-opt members to serve on the committee or act in any capacity. The committee shall have full control of the funds and assets of the association. The committee shall authorise the Treasurer and/or Chair to sign on its behalf. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings. In the event of a split vote, the Chair shall have the casting vote.

9.GENERAL MEETINGS: Meetings shall be held as follows:

  • a.The Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1 February and 31 March of each year for the following purposes:

          To receive a report on the past year;

          To receive and approve the accounts for the past financial year; To elect the committee;

         and To transact any other business of which proper notice is given.

  • b .Resolutions to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting must be proposed and seconded and sent in writing to the Secretary not later than the first of February.
  • c. A minimum of fourteen days notice shall be given of all Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings unless the members present agree to accept shorter notice.
  • d. Seven members shall form a quorum at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • e. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the committee or on the written request of five members whose requisition to the Secretary shall state the purpose for which the meeting is to be called and such meetings shall be held within two calendar months of the requisition being received by the Secretary.
  • f. A simple majority shall carry a resolution at an Annual General Meeting. At an Extraordinary General Meeting, a two-thirds majority of those present and voting shall be necessary to carry a resolution.

10.ALTERATION OF RULES: Notice of alterations to these rules shall be proposed by the committee or be proposed and seconded by members who shall give written notice to the Secretary by the first day of February immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting. Alterations to these rules can also be proposed at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose in accordance with Rule 9.

11.INTERPRETATION OF RULES: The committee shall be the authority for the interpretation of the rules and shall have the power to decide any matter not covered by them.

12.AFFILIATION: The association shall be affiliated to Cricket Scotland's Domestic Officials Committee.