East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association

East of Scotland Cricket Officials Association - Constitution


1. Name

The organisation shall be known as the East of Scotland Cricket Officials’ Association.


The only abbreviation to the above shall be ESCOA.


The organisation was formed on 15 April 2014.


ESCOA recognises the work done by its predecessor, the Scottish Cricket Officials’ Association and the resources committed to ESCOA during its formation and early years of existence.


2. Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of ESCOA shall be:


a) To improve the standard of cricket umpiring and scoring by education, examination and all other available means.


b) To maintain the status of cricket umpires and scorers and to promote and protect their interests.


c) To co-operate and cultivate good relations with all bodies associated with cricket for the improvement of the game, playing conditions and application of its laws.


d) To take such action or make such representations as an association or in conjunction with others, as may be considered desirable in the interests of cricket or for the benefit of cricket umpires and scorers as individuals and cricket umpiring and scoring in general.


3. Membership

Membership shall consist of:


a) Four types of Ordinary Members:

i) Umpire - active

ii) Scorer - active

iii) Umpire - inactive

iv) Scorer – inactive


Any individual involved in or connected with cricket umpiring or scoring can apply, via the ESCOA website, for Ordinary Membership.  All applications for membership shall be reviewed by, at least, two members of the Committee.  The Committee shall have the right to refuse membership.  An Ordinary Member can resign his or her membership by writing to the Secretary, Chair or Vice-Chair at any time.  However, if a member resigns his or her membership after 31st March in any year, the appropriate subscription is payable for that year.


b) Honorary Life Members:

An Ordinary Member may be nominated for Honorary Life Membership by the Committee where the Committee is of the opinion the member has given exceptional service to ESCOA or has made an outstanding contribution to cricket umpiring or scoring in Scotland.  Such nomination shall be considered at an Annual General Meeting.


The Committee shall have the right to expel from membership any member who has, in the opinion of the Committee, contravened these rules, behaved inappropriately or brought ESCOA or it’s affiliates into disrepute.  Any member in this situation shall have the opportunity to state his or her case to the Committee before a final decision is taken.


4. Subscriptions

The rate of annual subscription for Ordinary Membership shall be fixed at an Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.


Subscriptions for the Financial Year shall be payable by the 1st of April in that year.  Members who have not paid the appropriate subscription by the 1st of April may not be considered for appointment to matches.  Members who have not paid their subscription by the 1st of October shall have their membership revoked.  For the avoidance of doubt, once membership has been revoked, it cannot be re-instated without re-applying.


Honorary Life Members are not required to pay a subscription but can choose to do so, if they wish.  Paying the appropriate subscription will give them the same rights as an Ordinary Member.


5.  Financial Year

The Financial Year shall end on the 31st of December.  Unless otherwise stated, all references to year in this document shall mean Financial Year.


6. Management

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by:

a) A Committee consisting of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary / Treasurer, the respective Chairs of the three Sub-committees (see below) and a Disciplinary Officer. 


An individual can hold a maximum of two posts on the Committee, with the exception of the Chair who can only hold the post of Chair.


The Committee shall meet as and when the Chair deems necessary and voting on any issue can take place in person at a meeting or electronically.  Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum.  Where necessary, the Chair shall have a casting vote.


The Committee and the three Sub-Committees shall meet together once each year.


The Committee shall have full control of the funds and assets of the Association and shall authorise the Secretary / Treasurer and one other Committee member to jointly sign on its behalf.  The Secretary / Treasurer shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall keep the Association’s books and papers in good order, producing accounts for each year.


The Committee will ask an appropriate Member to examine the accounts and supporting books and papers.  If satisfied, the Member will add a brief, signed report to the accounts.  If not satisfied, the Member will immediately report his / her findings to the Committee.


b) Three Sub-committees, covering:

            i) Umpire Appointments

            ii) Umpire Training & Development

            iii) Scoring


Each Sub-Committee shall consist of a Chair and a maximum of three further members. 


All members of the Committee and the Sub-Committees shall be appointed at an Annual General meeting and retire at the next Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election without restriction.  A member of the Committee shall vacate his / her office immediately upon ceasing, for any reason, to be a member of the Association.


The Chair of each Sub-committee shall have the power to co-opt an Ordinary Member or Members, but such individuals shall not be classed as members of the Sub-committee.


Membership of the Committee and Sub-committees shall represent, as much as possible, ESCOA’s customers.


7. General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February or March of each year to:

i) Adopt the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

            ii) Receive reports on the previous year

iii) Receive and approve the accounts for the previous year

iv) Set subscriptions for the current year

v) Elect the Committee and Sub-committees

vi) Transact any other business of which proper notice has been given


Resolutions to be laid before an Annual General Meeting shall be:

a) Proposed by the Committee

b) Proposed and seconded by Ordinary Members and submitted to the Secretary / Treasurer, Chair or Vice-chair by the 1st of February immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee or on the written request of five Ordinary Members whose request to the Secretary / Treasurer, Chair or Vice-chair shall state the purpose of the meeting.  An Extraordinary General Meeting requested by Ordinary Members shall be held within ninety days from the date the request was received by the Secretary / Treasurer, Chair or Vice-chair.


Members shall be given a minimum of fourteen days notice of all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.


Ten Ordinary Members shall form a quorum at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.


A simple majority of paid-up Ordinary Members shall carry a resolution at an Annual General Meeting.  A two-thirds majority of paid-up Ordinary Members present and voting shall carry a resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


For the avoidance of doubt, Honorary Life Members cannot vote at Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings unless they have paid the appropriate Ordinary Member subscription.


8. Affiliation

ESCOA is affiliated to Cricket Scotland through the Domestic Officials’ Committee (DOC).  The Chairs of the three Sub-committees shall represent ESCOA on the DOC.


9. Interpretation

The Committee shall be the only authority for the interpretation of these rules and shall have the power to decide on any matter not explicitly covered by them.  It is the responsibility of the Committee to ensure that ESCOA is managed in accordance with its Constitution and Rules.


10. Amendments

Notice of proposed amendments to the Constitution and rules can be proposed by the Committee or can be proposed, and seconded, by Ordinary Members who shall give written notice to the Secretary / Treasurer, Chair or Vice-chair by the 1st of February immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting.  Amendments to the Constitution and rules can also be proposed at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose in accordance with 7 above.